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Roll On! Productions, LLC

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About Us


About ROLL ON! Productions

About ROLL ON! Productions

About ROLL ON! Productions

The mission of ROLL ON! Productions, LLC’s (ROLL ON!) is to be a performing arts touring company
that proclaims the message of reconciliation and provides its members and associates with creative, healthy opportunities for personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

ROLL ON! has produced several theatrical plays with acclaimed national and international performing artists to include Tony Award Winner, Melba Moore; Stellar Nominee Shirley Murdock; and Grammy Award Winners, Michael and Regina Winans.

A Joyful Noise! is one of several productions that ROLL ON! will tour in 2016. To learn more about A Joyful Noise! and other ROLL ON! performances, you can visit our website at:


Arctic Director & Founder

About ROLL ON! Productions

About ROLL ON! Productions

Marshall Opie, Artistic Director and Founder of ROLL ON! Productions, LLC (ROLL ON!), obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics with a minor in civil engineering from Howard University. At Howard, Opie developed an interest in reading biblical and African- American history. His newly found interest birthed a passion for writing and in particular, writing plays. 

Opie was inspired to write A Joyful Noise! after hearing a group of elementary students read poems by Langston Hughes that he recalled his mother reciting to him as a child. A Joyful Noise! is a collage of poetry, history, dance and original music compiled to encourage and inspire audiences of all ages to live their dreams. 

Opie, a 2002 recipient of National Theatre’s New Playwright Grant Award, and has completed his MFA at Hollins  



About ROLL ON! Productions


Call ROLL ON! at 202-368-2404 or email us at so we can discuss affordable ways to bring professional theater to your community,  or help you produce a dynamic performance to earn money to support your personal or business endeavors.